Earth's Precious Resource

Made from 100% New Zealand Flax ( Harakeke )

Biodegradable material

Sustainably produced

The use of flax in our products makes them a very strong, durable and long lasting product.

Care for the world we live in

Why Handmade

Factory made  vs  Handmade

Today, mass-produced products are the main stuff in our daily-life.The process of craft production is using less wasteful materials and less energy than factory made one. 

Also they will be able to support local economy and cultural attractions. Each woven craft product are unique., making them more personally meaningful. 


Plastic / Synthetic - free life

We do not use synthetic material in any of our products.  Whereas the cheaper alternative plastic are having adverse effects on earth environment and eco-systems.

Creative Therapy


 Each product are individually made, with differences in colours, form, style and smell. Some weaving designs are uniquely multiple use, making them a versatile product, leaving only your imagination and inspiration on how you want to use them around your home.

Making process

The Art of weaving flax is a good form of mindfulness practice, good for balancing both hemispheres of the brain and developing a calm but focused attention.


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