Temame Green Design   Designer / Weaver  Hiroe Araki - Kerr

Temame Green Design creates unique, hand- crafted, fusion design flax products with ecological concept / NO WASTE. DURABLE.

and pursuing simplicity and practical use.


Her back ground is the design industry / Graphic Designer at Ad agency and Product planner at apparel company in Tokyo, Japan.

And travelled around the world, love seeing different culture and places.

When She settled down to NZ, She had an opportunity to learn Flax Weaving.

She really enjoyed creating process and knew how great this material is.


She is strongly interested and practice environment design ( like permaculture ) and always wanted to work on creating something organic, environmentally-friendly products. 

She believe these flax products can be more variety taste of products as home docor.

She would like to suggest  bringing organic elements and friendly design products into your everyday-life.


Beautiful wild nature of West Coast